Here’s what other professionals have to say about working with me:

“I have outsourced several jobs to Julie over the years and and intend to continue. She is professional, reliable and courteous. I highly recommend her services.” Alexandre Matos, Managing Director, FBA. Graphic Design

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you Julie. Your replies were always prompt and you managed to complete the work, well within the deadline. Your texts required hardly any editing so thank you for making my job so much easier. I really hope I get an opportunity to work with you in the future.” Tarini Singh, Assistant Editor, Dorling Kindersley India (DK) Travel Guides

“It was a wonderful experience working with Julie on EW Portugal. She was extremely professional and met all our deadlines. The text was spot on, extremely clean and factual, and she was great at getting all the facts and maximum info in a short word count. She also responded promptly to all our queries post text submission. All in all, this has been one of the easiest listings spreads to edit!” Savitha Kumar, Senior Editorial Manager, Dorling Kindersley India (DK) Travel
“Julie is an excellent writer with a strong eye for detail. She has a very nice writing style that reads effortlessly and conveys a vivid sense of place. She also turned in the project with time to spare before her deadline. It was a pleasure working with Julie, and I would recommend her to any of my colleagues.” Megan Leader, Associate Editor at Northstar Travel Media

“Julie was a pleasure to work with and her articles are really top quality, I will definitely be using her services again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.” Darren Atkinson, Villas In Portugal

“Julie has written a number of articles for Hey Portugal Magazine about different subjects. I found her work to be very good and within the specifications given. Almost no editing needed, very well written and showed a good knowledge of the subjects. I would recommend Julie for freelance writing assignments.” Wendy Manning, Editor, Hey Portugal magazine and website

And about my blog, Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

“It takes you to familiar and unfamiliar places, through familiar and unfamiliar experiences, and brings them alive with vivid descriptions and just the right touch of humour – a very personal view of Portugal. Great blog!” Karen Harze

“I’ve only visited the southern area of Portugal – known as the Algarve – but Julie’s blog makes me want to take the five hour drive from my home in southern Spain much more often than I should. This blog is very well written and with wonderful photographs, making areas of Portugal jump out and come alive for you, from the computer screen. I always look forward to new posts as they are published and if you are not a follower, then I suggest you sign up, right away. I promise you wont be disappointed. Well done, Julie – keep up the good work!” Marianne, Owner, East of Malaga blog

“I have a deep understanding of Portugal and its people. My parents were born there, I have visited and conducted business in two of its major cities, and I have been active in the Portuguese – American community for over forty years. Julie’s blog is the best I have read (and follow) in both Portuguese and English. She has captured the character and personality of the people, her appreciation of the country’s history is surprisingly good and her taste in what is on offer in the rural areas she visits in her travels mirrors my own. She is most deserving of “five stars.” Gene Silva

“I’ve never been to Portugal but thanks to Julie’s descriptions and skill in telling the story behind the scenes, I’d know exactly where to come for information and background if I ever had the opportunity to visit. The history alone is a draw even if you’re not interested in info and pics – Julie makes it come alive…” Aisha Ashraf

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