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Where To Stay In Lisbon: Best Areas And Accommodation In Lisbon City Centre

25 Essential Tips for your First Holiday in Portugal

How and When to Explore the Douro Valley

Why São Vicente da Fora monastery is worth visiting – featured on Wanderlust UK as Blog of the Week

25 essential tips for driving in Portugal without losing your cool



A Portugal Travel Guide for Women: Diverse, Intriguing, Delightful 

The Ritz-Carlton Magazine

A Family Guide to LisbonThe Ritz-Carlton Magazine Summer 2016. p. 76-80

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The Algarve – for Destinations of the World News Magazine

Portugal Green Walks

Most of the website content for Portugal Green Walks, a Portuguese tour operator specialising in experiences in the north of Portugal. E.g.:

Family Trip to Peneda-Gerês National Park

Traditions and gastronomy of Northeast Portugal

Blog posts:

International Douro Natural Park And Its Hidden Treasures

Megalithic Monuments In The North Of Portugal


A dream come true: Floating above the Portuguese countryside in a hot air balloon

The best ice cream sundaes in the world are in central Portugal

Huffington Post

How To Make The Most Of Porto In Just One Day

Two Extremes of Port Wine Tasting in Porto

Five Things You Won’t Want to Miss in Funchal, Madeira


10 Things To See And Do In Esposende Apart From Lying On The Beach

7 Algarve Adventures You Don’t Know About

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Fighting Forest Fires in Portugal


Learn English Professionals Series

In the Customer’s Shoes – How Empathy Can Turn Angry Customers Into Loyal Ones (p.4 of the above pdf)

Tried and Tested Time Management Techniques (p.10 of the above pdf)

Blogging for Business – The Crucial Preparation Phase (p.11 of the above pdf)

How Using the Right Body Language Can Improve Your Presentations (p.12 of the above pdf)

Learn English Print General English Articles

Lighten Up With Laughter Yoga (p.13 of the above pdf)

Mandalas for Everyone (p.16 of the above pdf)

Learn English Fun Jokes Series

What’s in a name? (p.4 of the above pdf)

Surreally Funny (p.13 of the above pdf)

Imaginative Mixes to Make You Laugh (p.14 of the above pdf)

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Exploring Madeira (February 2015 issue)

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Algarve Cultural Holidays: Art, architecture and history that spans thousands of years 

Blue Valley Car Hire

Visitor’s Guide to Lisbon

Visitor’s Guide to Porto

Car Hire Faro Airport

Walking Holidays in the Algarve

 Faro Visitors’ Guide

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Lisbon City Guide

Travel Edits

Secret Beaches of the Algarve


Travel to my country: Portugal

A Bunch of Good Reasons Why You Should Travel to Portugal Now!

Expat Quotes

A Practical Guide to Portugal for Tourists

Hey Portugal

Schist with an artistic twist in Cerdeira

Something for everyone at Buçaco national forest

Town Focus: Vila Nova de Poiares

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Tanzania Trivia Quiz

London School of Journalism prize-winning short story: A Pregnant Pause