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The helicopter was knocked down by golf

2022-06-25 09:02Golf tournament bonus
Summary: How can you get a helicopter in the crime city? How can I go to anotherStart the task at the "G letter" task point and play golf. It is not difficult as long as the cursor is stopped in the gree
How can you get a helicopter in the crime city? How can I go to another
Start the task at the "G letter" task point and play golf. It is not difficult as long as the cursor is stopped in the green blockDoes it constitute a crime for a man to play golf and cause a plane to collide and catch fire
Later, it triggered a series of accidents, and the last five fighter planes were collectively scrapped in the fire. This unfortunate country is Benin. The country itself is very small, and its economic conditions are not developed. Five fighter planes are all the air force. It has to be said that Matthew Boya is a real loserThe most vulnerable air force in the world, because a golf ball was wiped out
The farmer swung his golf club so that the golf ball made a perfect arc. Coincidentally, the golf ball hit a flying bird. More coincidentally, the bird fell into the fighter plane that was taking off. Because the fighter was still on the runway, the cockpit cover was not closedHow can the evil city of Grand Theft Auto destroy the helicopter
The helicopter appeared in front of you. The operation of the helicopter is as follows: W is rising. Hold it until you want to get down. S is descent A is left inclination D is right. 13. after stealing a golf cart at the golf course, drive the golf cart into the East Island nightclub, and you will see the wonderful devil world. 1
Men play golf and put themselves in prison. How do they do that
Contact golf, never forget. In fact, the reason why golf is expensive has a lot to do with the required facilities. A young man like you likes playing golf to the point of obsession. He threw himself into it so much that whenever he had free time or found a free placeA foreign man played a golf ball, which affected five mirage fighters. What was the result
For example, in today's incident, a person who played a golf game actually involved five planes, causing economic losses of up to 400million US dollars. Many people joked that such a thing is probably a world record. Who would have thought that The helicopter was knocked down by golfa golf ball that can be ignored compared with an airplane can destroy an airplaneCan a golf ball destroy a country's Air Force
You saw the news that "small countries played airplanes at Airports because of golf three years ago. How many airplanes can Golf break?"
What happened to the peasants who came to play golf and broke five fighter planes in one stroke
One day in 1987, matthewboya, a 42 year old farmer, suddenly wanted to play golf, so he came to an open grassland near the air base and began his own entertainment activities. After warming up, he soon began to swing. As a result, because of the lack of control over the power, a violent swingPlay golf and get off the plane
In 1988, a modern fighter plane was "shot down" by a golf ball. The news spread and caused a sensation in the world. It happened at the air force airport in podorovo, the capital of the Republic of Benin. On that day, Mathieu, a temporary worker at the airport, was practicing golf on the golf course near the airport. At the same time, on the runway of the opposite airportWhat is the golf ball that shot down the plane
Temporary worker mathieuboy is practicing golf on the course. At this time, on the runway of the opposite airport, the air force mechanic LONGNING aladey flew a fighter into the air. Mathieu hit the ball into the sky with a stick, and the ball unexpectedly hit a flying bird
The helicopter was knocked down by golf

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